Moving On Bham – Moving & Storage Services
  • We are a family-owned moving company based in the Birmingham, AL area and serving the southeastern region of the U.S.
  • Our mission is to provide quality moving services, materials, and advice for every sort of relocation need that you may have.

Our courteous movers are here to assist you with:

Let Us Guarantee You a SMOOTH MOVE!

Whether you’re in need of residential movers who will treat your belongings with extra care or commercial movers who can efficiently relocate your entire office, Moving on Birmingham can ensure your move goes off without a hitch. We understand how stressful moving can be, and all of our moving services aim to eliminate the hassle that’s typically associated relocating. A few of the services we offer include:

  • Office relocations
  • Residential relocations
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Furniture Delivery
  • Antique Transportation
  • Storage Options

No Hidden Fees

We’re a moving company that takes great pride in customer satisfaction. Because of this, we ensure that you’re not hit with any unwanted surprises when it comes time to receive your bill. Not only will we provide you with an all-inclusive estimate, but we guarantee that no hidden fees will be added on after the fact. By placing our focus on providing quality service at an up-front price, our family owned business has garnered a solid reputation in the Birmingham, AL community.

From Start to Finish

As one of the leading moving companies in the Birmingham, AL area, our services are completely comprehensive to ensure that you have the assistance you need from beginning to end. For those in need of temporary storage services, we’re able to accommodate you on a short term, long term or overnight basis. Additionally, we can provide custom packing services for large or unusual jobs.

Veteran Discounts

As a veteran-owned business, we’re happy to provide a 10% discount to all veterans utilizing our services. Additionally, we offer specialized moving services for older adults.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is Moving On Birmingham different from other companies?

A: At Moving On we aim to avoid the kind of nasty surprises some people associate with moving. We do this by offering customers a guaranteed price based on their inventory, so they will know exactly what’s due on the day of their move. This guaranteed price encourages salespeople to gather a comprehensive inventory and encourages the customer to be thorough when providing their own inventory. When a company does not guarantee its price, there is no incentive for the moving company to gather a comprehensive inventory and its adjusted price is often much higher than its original quote.

Q: Why should I go with Moving On when an hourly rate company gave me an estimate 15 percent lower?

A: If the hourly rate company is unable to guarantee that price, there is a good chance that its price is non-binding. Often that estimate fluctuates—usually upward.

Q: Are packing and the boxes included in the price?

A: Moving On only offers packing and materials for specific items such as lamps, wardrobe boxes, electronics, and pictures—and, of course, quilting and securing the furniture. We offer packing services and sell boxes at an additional cost. For a full packing offer, we recommend a free, on-site estimate.

Q: When my friends did my last move, it took the same amount of time—or less—than Moving On is estimating. Shouldn't Moving On be faster?

A: Moving On is a professional moving company, and therefore insists on safety and caution. For example: Our professionals carefully quilt and secure your furniture before putting it on the truck in order to minimize damage. That attention to detail adds time.

Q: How much will my move cost?

A: Moving On system offers customers an all-inclusive guaranteed, one-price move. A Moving On Relocation Consultant will give you an estimate based on your inventory, which will then become your actual bill. There are no hidden fees tacked on your bill afterward. No more worrying about nasty surprises.

Q: How long does a typical move take?

A: With Moving On’s guaranteed pricing, there is no incentive for the movers to prolong the move, nor is there an additional charge if it takes longer than expected.

Q: Does the price change if my inventory changes?

A: Our guaranteed price is based on your inventory list. If the inventory changes, it is your responsibility to contact your sales rep and adjust the agreement to reflect the updated inventory. The inventory should be finalized two business days before the move.